Implementation of SYNERGIA

What do we want to implement? 

  • A new Education and Cooperation Programme (to be included in KSAP’s open training offer) that develops competences among high-level managers in public administration, builds cooperation networks and provides for the exchange of information and experience.
  • New solutions and good practice in the field of institutional management, as developed by participants in the course of Programme implementation.

How are we going to do this? 

  • The work of task groups within the Education and Cooperation Programme ends with the preparation of reports by expert. These will set out developed recommendations for the implementation of innovative practices in the management of publicadministration institutions. 

Participants from Poland 

  • Project participants from Poland will be required to prepare a project by which selected good practices can be implemented in their own institutions, as well as to take part in the internal competition for projects. 
  • A Commission of experts will select the 5 institutions in total during the project period (one in the first three editions and two in the fourth edition) drawing up projects for potential implementation that are judged the most comprehensive and convincing. 
  • These institutions forming part of Poland’s public administration will enjoy co-financed implementation of the selected practice, and the support of a consultant/subject expert (specialist in Polish administration) for the period of project implementation. 

Participants from Partner Countries 

  • Participants representing publicadministration institutions from the CEECs are not obliged to prepare a project for the  implementation of good practice 
  • However, ian institution participating decides to join the internal competition, with a best good-practice project seeking to improve its own managementthen that project will also be evaluated by the selection Commission.  
  • The costs of implementing a goodpractice project in this category will be covered by the institution entering that project into the competition. 


 What is the implementation in the SYNERGIA project?

The implementation of good practices under SYNERGIA project is a response to management challenges identified by project Participants at the recruitment stage. During the Education and Cooperation Programme, Participants develop their implementation projects for new management solutions in public institution that they represent. Under SYNERGIA project these implementation projects are worked-out according to high-level standards that are based on the case-study method and application of best practices to public institutions.

The implementation component is an important element of SYNERGIA project. According to the project regulations, teams representing all institutions participating in the project are required to prepare a competition application containing a project to implement best management practices. In each edition the winning project is indicated by the Competition Commission, and then implemented with the support of external consultant, as part of the project. Also, additional implementation trainings are provided for the winning-project within SYNERGIA.

The managerial challenge implemented in the 1st edition of SYNERGIA by Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Office in Poland.

In the first edition of the project, the highest notes  were awarded by the Competition Commission to the implementation project submitted by the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Office under the title: “Integrated Professional Development Program for Managers – a program for building a management workshop”. 

In the period from July to October 2021, the following activities have taken place under the winning-project: :

  • research tools, both in traditional and in electronic version, were developed to identify competency gaps and training needs of middle-management in the institution trainings for participants of the implementation part of the project were conducted.
  • The participants of the trainings were employees of Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Office, with extensive managerial experience.  The trainings covered topics such as chosen aspects of human resource    During the training, managerial competences, effective delegation of tasks and key principles of interpersonal communication were improved. Participants also have extended their competencies in  team building and conflict resolution in  teams that they lead. The second part of the training was focused on competencies building for internal trainers who already work in the institution. This part of the training was focused on  the best standards  internal trainer in the organization should follow, and training programs creation and designing. Modern tools supporting the competence development process and a dedicated e-learning platform were prepared. The educational platform is still being developed, also after the end of the training cycle, and is a permanent element of innovative methods of managing people at Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Office.

SYNERGIA best practices used

The Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Office SYNERGIA implementation project used, a number of SYNERGIA best practices, in particular:

  • Systematic development of leaders within the organization,
  • The Six Step method, in the field of in-depth analysis of competency gaps,
  • Tools for managing a project along the different stages of its life cycle in the field of project management


Last actualisation: November 2nd 2022