Project implemented as part of Poland’s 2014-2020 Knowledge-Education-Development Operational Programme (POWER):

    • Priority Axis IV: Social innovation and transnational cooperation,
    • Activity 4.3.: Transnational cooperation.

Total eligible expenditure under the Project: PLN 12 699 701.96. Project co-financed to the tune of PLN 12 318 710.90 from:

    • European funds – in the amount of PLN 11,974,458.98 or 94.29% of Project eligible expenditure,
    • the earmarked subsidy – in the amount of PLN 344,161.92 or 2.71% of Project eligible expenditure.

The own contribution in the amount of PLN 380 991.06 constitutes 3.00% of eligible expenditure on the Project and is financed by KSAP.

Co-financing will enable the Project to be implemented in four Editions for 240 public-administration Representatives: 120 from Poland and 120 from Partner Countries (30 Representatives from Poland and 10 from each Partner Country in each Edition).

Last actualisation: July 27th 2022