Through cooperation between managerial staff in public administration in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, SYNERGIA’s objectives are:

  • to prepare a new Education and Cooperation Programme,
  • to implement in practice new solutions developed in the course of work under that Programme in institutions of public administration.

The Project will be implemented in the context of detailed objectives of the Priority Axis IV: Social innovation and transnational cooperation; Activity 4.3: Transnational cooperation, in particular by way of:

1. Professional activation:

A strengthening of the management competences of high-level public officials is one form of professional activation envisaged in the Project. The Education and Cooperation Programme also offers space and opportunity for cooperation networks to be built, and relevant information and experience exchanged as regards innovation and change in the field of management in public institutions.

2. Life-long learning:

Understood as participation in the workshops and training sessions forming the core of the Project and led by leading lecturers and experts presenting the latest solutions and trends in managing public institutions, such as:

      • project management in the public sector (cohesive project-management methodology),
      • strategic management in public administration,
      • process management,
      • change management,
      • risk management,
      • HRM (leadership, employee motivation, team management, etc.),
      • managing of communication, and effective negotiation,
      • knowledge management,
      • management by objectives,
      • use of ICT in the public sector.

3. The development and pursuit of public policies:

A task for all those taking part in the Project is use Workshops to work on conclusions as regards management in a given area of policy. Via teamwork, they will be expected to find best suitable solutions for their own institution in an area of management, with a view to these actually gaining implementation in practice. The financial and other support foreseen under the Project will then allow chosen solutions to go through to the phase of implementation and delivery in practice.

Last actualisation: July 27th 2022