Benefits of participation



By holding a position that qualifies you to participate in SYNERGIA , you have undoubtedly already participated in many trainings, courses, projects,  developing your competences.

However, are your knowledge and skills still up-to-date?

Lifelong learning is one of the greatest challenges of modern societies. The ability and willingness to learn in various forms, places and stages of life facilitates effective adaptation to the changing and increasingly demanding reality. In the case of public administration, the readiness to constantly supplement one’s knowledge and skills is particularly important as it contributes to the improvement of the quality of its functioning – from better motivation to act on the part of administration employees, to the satisfaction of citizens using its services.

In SYNERGIA , we offer you a unique development opportunity, tailored to your position in administration. This is where you can meet people who face challenges like yours , here you will be able to confront your ideas in the field of  public administration managment  with  experienced officials from   Central Eastern European  countries as well as experts, practitioners of the highest world level.

We are waiting for you!



Participant, i.e. an institution of public administration:

  • changes or modifications of senior management styles in administration institutions,
  • development of managerial competences of senior management officials,
  • strengthening the managerial potential of both genders.

Participant’s Representatives:

  • development of own competences in the field of managing a public administration institution,
  • contacts established with representatives of public administration institutions from Poland and partner countries participating in the project,
  • confronted work experiences and best management practices with other project participants, including from partner countries
  • selected management challenges in public administration analyzed with the help of the world’s best experts
  • development of own linguistic competences – English.



In the project, we put a particular emphasis on the development of the following competences:

  • openness to new ideas and situations,
  • the ability to initiate and maintain positive relationships with other people,
  • the ability to achieve the expected effectiveness,
  • the ability to build coalitions around own ideas,
  • the ability to learn, including learning from own mistakes and from the experiences of other participants,
  • willingness to take risks when implementing innovative solutions,
  • the ability to share one’s own experiences, including successes and failures,
  • readiness to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners,
  • having the potential to support, test and disseminate innovations at the level of the represented institution.

Last actualisation: November 4th 2022