Tomasz Cichocki

Tomasz Cichocki
Tomasz Cichocki

Country: Poland

Fields of specialization: innovation expert

Expert lecture in SYNERGIA: peer-learning summary session

Tomasz Cichocki – consultant, trainer, facilitator, coach and innovation expert.

After graduating from the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw, he worked for 10 years as project manager and development manager in the media and telecommunications industry. Since 2003 he has been working as a consultant, supporting primarily innovation development and change management. He has experience working for an international consulting firm.

He graduated from Prince2 Foundation courses, The Art and Science of Coaching Erickson College International, OPUS group dynamics workshop. He is a member of the International Association of Facilitators IAF.

He specializes in facilitating strategic processes in organizations. He works primarily on the management board level. He participated in several complex development projects, including in-depth needs analysis, development of action plans, implementation and evaluation activities.

Since 2012, on behalf of the European Commission, he has been assisting international consortia implementing research projects in the exploitation plans development.

His curriculum includes providing postgraduate courses at Technical Universities of Gdańsk and Wroclaw, and SWPS University.

He is a fan and practitioner of using technology for team collaboration. He is the author of open training courses on conducting online meetings and cooperation in distributed teams.