Online information meeting with SYNERGIA Alumni

Spotkanie na Teams

An unique information meeting for candidates to SYNERGIA second edition took place on May 18. The meeting was attended by Alumni of the first edition of the project from Poland and Partner Countries – Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia who shared their experiences from participaiting in SYNERGIA.

The following aspects of participaiting in SYNERGIA were noted:  

  • the possibility of developing own management competences, 
  • the possibility of using the acquired knowledge and skills in home institutions, 
  • building a network between high-level officials from Central and Eastern Europe

The meeting was moderated by the Directors and Representatives of four Partner Institutions: KSAP, IPA, UPS, LSPA. Moreover, a Representative of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Office, the institution that won the competition in the implementation part of the project, presented how the management project is implemented in this institution. 

The Representative of foreign lecturers introduced the programme and profiles of SYNERGIA lecturers. 

The Alumni unanimously emphasized that despite the difficulties of conducting online sessions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first edition of the project turned out to be a success.