Synergia - additional training session in Sofia

On 10-12.10.2021 an additional training session took place in Sofia, as part of the 1st edition of the Synergia project. The session was attended by representatives of public administration from Poland, Bulgaria and Latvia.

Training session, 10-12.10.2021

The session program includes activities in the following thematic areas:

  • Effective communication;
  • Real leadership;
  • Best leadership practices in crisis situations;
  • Multilateral negotiations.

The aim of the session was to learn about the mechanisms, tools and techniques influencing effective communication in the organization from the point of view of the top management: both between departments of the organization and between employees and superiors, and to develop the skills of effective interpersonal communication in the face of crisis situations. The workshop part was to familiarize participants with techniques and negotiation tactics enabling effective management in everyday situations, including conflict situations.

The aim of the Synergia project

The aim of the Synergia project is:

  • preparation of a new educational and cooperation program on the basis of a cooperation network of management staff in public administration from Central and Eastern Europe,
  • implementation of the solutions developed during the implementation of the program in practic